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After teaching artists and producers music production for several years, I’ve come to realize something…

What holds their music back isn’t their songwriting or production skills… it’s often their mixes that fall short.

The fact is: listeners today expect great mixes the moment they press play.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve made your song in a fancy studio with tons of expensive gear, or whether you’ve put it together in your bedroom - the mix just has to sound pro.

But when it comes to mixing… there are just too many myths stopping artists and producers from getting their tracks to a pro-mix level.

For one - you don’t need the most expensive plugins out there.

And you don’t need a fancy analog desk, or tons of outboard gear either.

And just like songwriting or music production… it’s a skill that can be developed if you’re following the right steps.

But to learn how to mix your tracks to sound as good as a professional release… you need to approach mixing with a process in place.

How I learned mixing inside professional studios

I learned how to mix on the fly, inside professional music studios with producers like Grammy-winning Jimmy Douglass and Danja, and working with top-level artists like Ginuwine, Sia, Jason Derulo, and Justin Timberlake…

And learning mixing in the real-world is very different from learning mixing through free online videos, or even through a music college.

I had to learn how to get my rough tracks to a pro-sounding level in the back rooms of studios, using whatever plugins I had at the time to get a mix to pop, punch and shine even if it was just a simple beat…

And that’s what I’d like to teach you inside my flagship mixing course today.

Who you're learning from today

I'm Ivan Corraliza, but in the music world I'm known as ill Factor.

I've been lucky to work with top artists such as Sia, Kygo, Justin Timberlake, Jessie J and many others.

As a Grammy-nominated producer, I created Beat Academy to teach musicians all over the world about music production and entering the music industry.

And I'm super excited to teach you my flagship mixing course today...


In just 5 in-depth modules, you’ll be given the mixing and mastering insights that took me years to discover, alongside step by step instructions and guidelines you can use for your own productions. 

Here’s what’s inside the course:

Module 1: Mixing Fundamentals

You might be coming into this course as a beginner to mixing, or slightly more advanced. However, you’ve got to have the right foundation in place in order to have studio-quality mixes. 

That’s why you’ll be shown:

  • The crucial mixing terms you must know in order to stay organized, and unconfused by any of the technical parts of your DAW. Get this, and mixing will start to make sense for you
  • What so many producers and artists forget about when they’re mixing, and the simple fix that’s just a click away
  • Gain staging 101: understand this and you’ll know exactly why your mixes struggle to match commercially released tracks, and how easy it is to start mixing like a pro 
  • EQ & Compression: you’ll be shown how to use these 2 tools to make the mixes in your head start to come out of your speakers and headphones
  • Reverbs and delays: When you should use these two bread-and-butter effects, how to choose between both of them, and how so many producers use them wrongly

Module 2: Mixing Instruments

There’s a ton of instruments out there. Drums, guitars, bass, vocals, strings, horns, synths, 808s… the list goes on.

The fact is - if you understand how to mix instruments based on where they sit in a mix… you can mix anything with ease. 

And that’s what this module will show you.

You’ll be taught:

  • How to start getting a killer mix from the start with your stereo bus (this is the secret to start getting pro mixes, even if you’re new to this)
  • Why getting drums to pop and punch in a mix isn’t about volume, but subtle effects and saturation 
  • Low end problems, solved once and for all: after this tutorial, your kick and bass won’t ever fight each other again, and you’ll have the powerful, tight low end in your mixes you’ve always wanted
  • One simple trick to getting your bass tracks to pop even on tiny phone speakers
  • How to test your mixes for the right sonic balance

Module 3: Mixing Vocals

Like it or not, your vocal mix determines how people perceive your music.

With the right vocal sound, people’s ears immediately think of your music as professional, and take it seriously.

With the wrong vocal sound, you’re just shooting your mix in the foot from the get-go.

In this module, you’ll be shown:

  • My personal vocal chain that I rely on for smooth, warm, polished lead vocals
  • Why vocal compression isn’t just about compression (it’s about creating a unique tone)
  • What types of vocal effects to use on a lead vocal to give it space, dimension and power in a mix
  • How to mix background vocals to have that cohesive, glued sound that lifts your mixes
  • How to create that classic vocal chop you hear in pop music today, quick and easy

Module 4: Automation & Polishing

By now, your mix is starting to sound like it’s almost finished… and it’s time to automate and polish it before mastering it to a commercial volume.

This module will show you how to check your mix for any issues, and bring it to life with automation, so your mixes take your listeners on a journey.

Module 5: Mastering

Finally, I wrap up the course by showing you how to master your own songs to a commercial volume, and the various online tools available for producers and artists who want their songs mastered to a release-ready standard.

If you've ever wanted to know why the tracks you hear on Spotify by your favorite artists have a finished quality to them - learning how to master your tracks will let you do the same to your own music. 

As you can see, Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering will help finally understand mixing, and take your productions to a whole new level

So how much does the course cost? 

The fact is - learning mixing is something you can do for free.

There’s plenty of video tutorials out there on YouTube, on audio blogs, podcasts to listen to…

But the problem with all that is - learning mixing without a clear process will lead you to make countless unneeded mistakes.

You can learn a ton of mixing tricks online, but if you don’t know how to integrate them into a mixing process: you’ll end up mixing in circles. 

Even if you went to a music college to learn mixing and mastering, chances are you wouldn’t be learning from someone who’s had real-world experience inside the industry, and knows how to get great mixes quickly and easily.

And it probably wouldn’t be geared towards artists and producers who don’t care about sample rates, audio converters or any complex technical mix jargon - it’d be geared for people who want to become audio engineers.

That’s what makes this course different from other mixing courses out there.

I’ve made Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering specifically for artists and producers who want their mixes to sound as good as a professional release, without having to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to a mixing engineer. 

I’ve structured the course to deliver the true essentials of mixing and mastering - so that you can get great at this skill in as little time as possible…

So you can spend even more time producing new music!

The fact is - a mixing course at a university would easily cost $200.

But instead of charging you that…

You can get Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering for just one payment of $67 today.

Click here to join Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering for only $67
Discover a Grammy-Nominated Producer's secrets to mixing studio-quality tracks for just $67 with Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering

And you can join Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering completely risk free

Your purchase today comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee, so you can join the course with no risks on your shoulders.

You can go through the course in an afternoon, start applying what you learn… and if your mixes don’t improve, just send an email to [email protected] and my team will give you a refund, quick and easy.

How long more do you want to struggle with mixing?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking to improve your mixing skills. Chances are, you know you could get your mixes to sound polished and pro, but just don’t know how.

This course will show you the simple steps to doing so.

If you’d like to level up your mixing skills… you know what to do.

Click the button below to join the course, and I’ll see you inside the member’s area!

Click here to join Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering for only $67
Discover a Grammy-Nominated Producer's secrets to mixing studio-quality tracks for just $67 with Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering

P.S. It’ll take you a few hours to go through the course, and your mixing skills will quickly level up. You’ll finally understand how to get your mixes to come together and groove just like your favorite tracks, and how to master them for professional release.

But time flies by quickly. If you don’t seize this opportunity now, when will you solve your mixing problems, once and for all?

Don’t stay on the fence.

Click on the button below to join Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering now.

Click here to join Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering for only $67
Discover a Grammy-Nominated Producer's secrets to mixing studio-quality tracks for just $67 with Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering
P.P.S. Here's what Beat Academy member Dramio had to say about the course
Click here to join Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering for only $67
Discover a Grammy-Nominated Producer's secrets to mixing studio-quality tracks for just $67 with Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering

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