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Like it or not, your songwriting, arranging, and producing skills will determine how good your music can be.

And you can’t just be good at one of them alone.

If you want to be able to produce the music in your head into killer tracks that blow away your listeners - you’ve got know how to combine all those skills together.

From writing songs that have the right structure, melodies and hooks in place…

To choosing the right sounds to fit with the melody and chords you’ve written…

To arranging rhythmic elements like drums and 808s to create the groove you want...

That all comes from understanding how to use songwriting, arranging, and production as a cohesive skill.

The problem with aspiring artists and producers today is…

We like to think the newest plugin, VST, MIDI or Sample Pack could be the solution to our problems.

That if we just use a new sample, or really on a plugin to create inspiration - our music will just sound killer automatically!

But that simply isn’t the truth.

While great producers may rely on samples or certain chord progressions to produce new songs…

They understand songwriting and arrangement just as much as producing.

And they’re using that knowledge alongside their producing skills to create killer hooks, tension and release with their track elements…

Creating music that hooks in their listeners from start to finish.

But it’s very hard to learn this skill, unless you’re working up and close with top producers

I'm Ivan Corraliza, also known as ill Factor inside the music industry.

And I personally went to music college for a short period of time before I dropped out and started working with Grammy-winning producers like Jimmy Douglass, Danja and Timbaland. 

And believe me… what’s taught about songwriting, arranging and producing in a music college is pretty different from what happens in pro music studios.

In the studio environment, there’s no time for beat block.

Instead, it’s constantly trying to produce, write and arrange the best material possible, so that the major label artist that’s walking by will hear a snippet, and go “Hey, that’s a cool tune - can I hear more?”

I’ve got plenty of stories to tell about my early producer days… but it was a bootcamp in putting together everything I knew about music to get my tracks placed and released in the real world. 

Nearly 2 decades later, I’m now a Grammy-nominated producer who’s worked with artists such as Jason Derulo, Sia, Justin Timberlake, Jessie J, and countless others.

But I realized something when I started mentoring artists and producers…

Sure, they might have studied music in school, or gone to a production course…

But they didn’t have that “Bird’s eye view” of songwriting, arranging, and producing that top producers had.

And as I started teaching music production online with Beat Academy, I knew I had to create a resource that could solve this problem.

With that, I’d like to introduce you too…

This is my all-comprehensive course that shows you how to integrate songwriting, arranging & producing altogether as a complete producer…

And producing tight, powerful tracks that hold your listener’s attention from start to finish. 

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the course:

Module 1: Song Foundations

The fact is - if the song you’re producing is terrible, it doesn’t matter how much glitter and shine you put on it. It just won’t hold up against the countless other songs in today’s music market.

In this module, you’ll be taught:

  • My time-tested habits for creative success that get you through writer’s block and dry spells, and have you regularly writing and improving your songwriting skills with time
  • How to figure out your unique Artist DNA, and discover your sound while still having your influences in your writing
  • What the best song structures are for music today, and how to make sure you’ve crafted songs that never get boring

Module 2: Beat Production

You’ll discover:

  • How to choose the best sounds for your beat and song ideas, and create your personal workflow to consistently finishing tracks
  • Tricks to coming up with a groovy, catchy drum groove, even if you’re not a drummer
  • Why loops are a secret weapon to build up your beat ideas and rhythmic pocket, and how to avoid ending up in beat block when working on a 4-bar loop
  • How to generate a chord progression from a simple beat, and craft a tight bassline around it
  • One thing so many producers forget to do when producing beats that leave them sounding amateur and incomplete

Module 3: Arranging

This module is where the rubber meets the road, and you see how to flesh out the beat idea created, into a properly arranged track.

You’ll see me take the beat idea of the previous module, and start turning it into a fully produced song.

You’ll discover:

  • My personal trick to always having a killer chorus in your songs
  • Why writing a bridge section is much easier than you think 
  • What pro producers do when arranging music that you probably don’t (it’s so simple, I can’t believe it)
  • How to make sure your listeners are engaged as your song mores from verses to choruses, and the simple effect to use to make that happen

Module 4: Vocal Melodies & Lyrics

In this module, I’ll reveal to you how to train your ears to have the sharp hearing of a pro producer and melody writer. You’ll discover:

  • How to start decoding and swiping melody structures, even if you’re new to producing music
  • What software tools you can use to figure out chords, keys and harmonies
  • My 4 question checklist to make sure your tracks are up to standard
  • 2 writing techniques you can swipe for compelling, storytelling lyrics
  • The simple difference between lyrics in choruses and verses: get this right, and your listeners will thank you for it

Module 5: Other Genre Examples

Finally, to wrap up the course, I break down an entire House song I’ve arranged and produced, where you’ll get to see all the lessons taught inside the course come together.

I’ll show you how the vocal melody developed, how I built the song’s production, arrangement, and more. 

This is your chance to look over my shoulder and see how I produce a pro-standard track, from the basic song idea to the end result.

Once you’re done with Breakthrough Songwriting, Arranging, and Producing, your songs and productions will start sounding professional, cohesive and finished

After you start applying the lessons inside the course, the next time you play your music for a friend, you might be pleasantly surprised:

“You made this? Really? It sounds like your skills have leveled up!” 

“You wrote this song? I love that chorus”

And here’s what Beat Academy member Gholston had to say about the course:

So how much will Breakthrough Songwriting, Arranging & Producing cost? 

There’s only a couple of alternatives to a course like this: going to music college for a music production or songwriting degree, or trying to work your way into a pro music studio and learning the ropes from there.

Both of those alternatives cost either a good chunk of time or money - and don’t guarantee that you’ll come out of it a better producer or artist.

The fact is - seeing how songwriting, arranging and producing all comes together is something you can’t really find online…

Much less taught by a Grammy-nominated producer!

But I created Beat Academy not to be rich. I created Beat Academy to give artists and producers the tools I wish I had when I was starting out so many years ago as a producer. 

So instead of charging you thousands of dollars like a university course…

Or making you run cables and coffee in a music studio…

Breakthrough Songwriting, Arranging and Producing will cost just one payment of $67.

And you can join Breakthrough Songwriting, Arranging & Producing completely risk free

Your purchase today comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee, so you can join the course with no risks on your shoulders.

You can go through the course in an afternoon, start applying what you learn… and if your music doesn’t improve, just send an email to [email protected] and my team will give you a refund, quick and easy.

Would you like to discover my personal secrets to songwriting, arranging and producing? 

With this course, you’ll be given the entire process to get rid of writer’s block, beat block, and finally understand how to go from a basic song idea to a fully produced track. On top of that, you’ll also be shown my personal workflow that you can swipe and steal to make producing fun, easy, and effortless.

But that only starts if you join Breakthrough Songwriting, Arranging & Producing today.

So don’t hesitate - click the button below, and I’ll see you inside the course :) 

Click here to join Breakthrough Songwriting, Arranging & Producing for only $67
Discover a Grammy-Nominated Producer's secrets to songwriting, arranging and producing for just $67

P.S. How much longer do you want to struggle with producing your song ideas or beats into full fledged tracks? Writing, arranging and producing music doesn’t have to be hard at all - while you do have to put in the effort to create great music, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. 

You can go through the course in the weekend, and supercharge your production toolkit with the secrets of a producer who’s worked with today’s top artists and producers.

So click the button below, and I look forward to teaching you songwriting, arranging and producing!

Click here to join Breakthrough Songwriting, Arranging & Producing for only $67
Discover a Grammy-Nominated Producer's secrets to songwriting, arranging and producing for just $67

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