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Most aspiring artists and producers don’t really know how the music industry works.

With the Internet today, it seems like every other artist is having an overnight success with a viral song, and it can seem impossible to try and carve out a career as an artist or producer with how many people you’re competing with...

But that’s simply not true. 

As someone that’s worked with producers like Timbaland, Jimmy Douglass, and worked with artists like Sia, Skylar Grey, Jessie J and more, let me spill the beans:

It’s the artists and producers who know exactly how the industry works who are the ones that achieve their music goals, and get paid properly for their music.

The fact is - there are so many wrong roads musicians can go down.

From not developing their sound properly, to releasing music without a plan, to not understanding the back end of how music can generate them an income - it’s no wonder the majority of artists and producers don’t succeed. 

But ultimately… it’s never been easier than before for an artist or producer to start making great music, and enter the music industry as an artist, producer or songwriter today.

After being inside the industry for nearly 2 decades, I’ve got a few secrets to tell you…

From why you can only have so many influences in your music, or how come it’s so important to understand the royalties behind your songwriting...

I’ve seen people come and go inside the industry, and I’ve seen the mistakes so many make that stop them from achieving their music ambitions.

And in today’s world of music - I wanted to give back to the music community that’s been so good to me over the years, and properly create a resource that can teach aspiring artists and producers just how the industry works, and how to work towards their goals.

Who you're learning from today:

I'm Ivan Corraliza, but in the music world I'm known as ill Factor.

I've been lucky to work with top artists such as Sia, Kygo, Justin Timberlake, Jessie J and many others.

As a Grammy-nominated producer, I created Beat Academy to teach musicians all over the world about music production and entering the music industry.

And today, I'd like to introduce you to this Beat Academy course...

This is my all-comprehensive course on the music industry, how it works, and how artists and producers can achieve their ambitions inside it. 

Here’s what’s inside the course…

Module 1: How The Music Industry Works

Before you can start figuring out your goals in the industry, you’ve got to know how it actually works.

So in this module, I’ll break down the various aspects of the industry relevant to artists, producers, and songwriters, and you’ll be taught:

  • The various streams of income that an artist can use to make a living off their music, even if they’re not a huge major-label artist 
  • A mistake songwriters make that leave them with unpaid royalties on their songs
  • How Music Publishing actually works, and the real numbers of how a song’s earnings are split inside the industry 
  • The #1 mindset that will help you achieve your goals long-term inside the music industry
  • 5 simple ways producers can make a living from their skills 
  • How to collect your music royalties, and feel the satisfaction of being paid as a songwriter for your music 

After you’re done with this module, you’ll know the nuts and bolts of how your music can generate income, and the right perspective to achieve your musical ambitions.

Module 2: Your Artistic Direction

Whether you’re a producer, songwriter or artist… you need to think of yourself as an artist.

Most top producers and songwriters have a brand as an artist - and that’s how they achieve long-term success inside the industry.

That’s why this module will show you: 

  • How to figure out your sonic niche, and define your sound to stand out from the marketplace
  • A simple question that defines your influences quick and easy
  • How to uncover your specific fan avatar, and start figuring out how to market to them
  • How to start building your brand lifeline, so that fans form a personal, deeper connection with you and your music

Module 3: Music Marketing

This is where I reveal to you an entire system to marketing your music, whether you’re a producer, musician or artist.

The fact is - without the right marketing system in place, most great music wouldn’t have succeeded. After all, nobody can be a fan of your music if they don’t even know it exists.

You’ve got to know how to create trust with your fans while creating systems that help you find new fans - fans that listen to your music, support your art, and help you achieve your music goals. 

You’ll be taught:

  • How to create an evergreen marketing system that helps you get new fans around the clock
  • A communication tool artists and producers ignore that could help them get more streams, more downloads and a stronger fanbase
  • How to create an email list for free, and start using it to keep track of your fans
  • A rule of human nature that will help your music stand out from the marketplace
  • The easy way to create landing pages that help you grow your online fanbase
  • How to get traffic to your landing pages from Soundcloud and YouTube
  • The nuts and bolts of properly distributing and releasing your music today

By this point, you’ll know how the industry works, how to figure out your artist identity, and begin marketing your music online - and you’ll have crystal clear clarity on what you need to do next, to achieve your music goals.

So how much does Building A Music Career cost? 

The fact is, what you’ll be taught inside this course is insider knowledge that would take anyone years to learn from working inside the industry.

But with Building A Music Career, you can take all I’ve learned over nearly 2 decades inside the industry, and start applying it right from the comfort of your own home.

And because I want this course to be well within the reach of any aspiring artist or producer…

Building A Music Career costs just one single payment of $67, no strings attached. 

And you can join Building A Music Career completely risk free

Your purchase today comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee, so you can join the course with no risks on your shoulders.

You can go through the course in an afternoon, start applying what you learn… and if you’re not satisfied with the results, just send an email to [email protected] and my team will give you a refund, quick and easy.

Let’s start working towards your music goals together

Whether you’d like to be a producer, a songwriter, or an artist - Building A Music Career will help you discover the steps you need to take to achieve those goals.

You don’t have to figure it out all by yourself, or go through the trial and error I had to over nearly 2 decades to get to where I am today.

Click the button below, and I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

Click here to join Building A Music Career for one payment of $67
Discover a Grammy-Nominated Producer's knowledge of the music industry with Building A Music Career

P.S. How much longer do you want to struggle with not understanding how the music industry works, and go in circles with your music journey?

You can go through the course in the weekend, and finally get clued into the music industry, and start working towards your goals as a musician.

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Click here to join Building A Music Career for one payment of $67
Discover a Grammy-Nominated Producer's knowledge of the music industry with Building A Music Career

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