For the aspiring artist, producers, and songwriters who want their music to be listened to on repeat, with excited fans waiting for their next release…

Produce Polished, Professional Vocals That Hook In Your Listeners From Start To Finish Without The Pro Studio Gear…

Even if all you’ve got is a cheap microphone and your laptop!

Grammy-nominated producer reveals the truth on vocal production: 

Right now, over 1,425 artists and producers are producing polished, attention-grabbing vocals, giving them the best chance of success with their music. 

They’re doing it without blowing their bank account on plugins and gear, acoustic treatment, or years of vocal lessons.

Most importantly, they’re doing it easily.

They’re walking into a vocal recording session with the confidence that they’ll nail the vocal sound and melody in their heads…

With none of the frustration and anxieties they had when recording in the past. 

They’re opening up a project in their DAW knowing just how to produce and mix their vocals to blow listeners away… 

They’re opening up a project in their DAW for further production and mixing, and it looks like this: 

Clean, organized, and a step by step process to follow. (What do your sessions look like?)

The fear they once felt when they plugged in their microphones into their audio interface has completely vanished…

Instead, their music has the “X Factor” that sets it apart from everyone else…

Well-produced vocals that hook in people from start to finish. 

Their music sounds pro, Release-Ready and in the same sonic league as their favorite artists…

And the only question they ask themselves is… 
“Why were vocals such a struggle in the past?”

Because that’s how it seemed with all the shiny magic bullet solutions they’d tried in the past, like…

  • Getting a brand-new microphone
  • Upgrading their audio interface or computer
  • Buying a fancy preamp that promised “warmth and harmonics” on their vocals 
  • Spending hundreds of dollars on plugin suites
  • Hours on boring vocal exercises that had barely any effect 

Only to get vocals that still sounded amateur and unproduced.

I’ve taught thousands of people all over the world, and getting great vocals is one of the biggest struggles they face…

But no one in this “clued-in” group of artists and producers will ever be frustrated with vocal production ever again. 

The reason why is simple:

They rely on a tested and proven vocal production system that makes sure their vocals are exciting from start to finish, and sound like a Grammy-nominated producer did it for them. 

Best of all, this vocal production system has already worked for artists and producers in multiple genres… 

Like Georgi from Bulgaria...
Who used this system to get stellar vocals on a paid radio jingle for the first time

Like Reva from Chicago...
Who was able to arrange and produce her own vocals for her very first release and subsequent singles

And Gabby from New Jersey...
Who now produces her own song ideas into full-fledged productions without any confusion or frustration inside Ableton

You don’t need a multi-million dollar studio, racks of gear, acoustic treatment, or the newest piece of gear to get great vocals…

And I’m about to reveal just how you can get Grammy-worthy vocals on your tracks from your bedroom or studio setup. 

Plus, you’re about to discover…
  • How to excite and lift your song’s choruses with tight vocals, even if you don’t have a huge vocal range or you’re new to recording your voice
  • The 3 keys to producing a song with an X-Factor level vocal production on it 
  • Why you don’t need to spend hundreds on reverb or delay plugins to have that shimmery, huge reverb of today’s pop artists
  • The reason why Grammy-winning producers can produce great vocals even if they’re working on GarageBand and an SM58 microphone

If I couldn’t produce great vocals, my career would’ve ended years ago…

Let me introduce myself:

I’m ill Factor, Grammy-nominated producer and founder of Beat Academy.

I started producing in the back of a SamAsh music store in college, getting a lucky break with Ricky Martin’s manager which dropped me straight into the music industry nearly 2 decades ago.

Years later, I’ve worked with top artists like Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo, Skylar Grey, written a song with Sia, produced with Grammy-winning producers like Timbaland, Danja, and Jimmy Douglass…

But in the past 3 years, I’ve helped more than a thousand artists, producers and songwriters discover how to level up their production skills, and show them how to make the music they’ve always wanted to. 

I’m telling you about my credentials not to brag, but because…

It was only through mastering vocal production that I ended up working with top artists and producers, and being in the room with veterans of the music industry. 

Let me explain…

In big studios, if you can’t produce vocals right, you’re just a beatmaker. 

I’ve been in production teams working on Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds album, and other big projects, and I’ve seen the industry at work. 

If you don’t know how to get a great vocal performance out of an artist, and how to guide and create a vocal production - eventually, you get left out. 

After all, it’s the most important part of a song.

Done right, you have a hit that everyone loves.

Done badly, you’ll be known as the guy to never let near the artist.

But here’s the secret…

It isn’t hard to produce a great vocal if you’re following the right steps.

It’s far easier than you’d think.

That’s because top producers produce vocals in a very specific way.

(These are just some of the projects I've worked on over the years...)

You see, most aspiring artists and producers who try to record and produce vocals will fail…

I’ve taught hundreds of people in person, and thousands more online…

And I’ve had the privilege of seeing what works, and what doesn’t work when it comes to recording and producing vocals. 

The reason why artists and producers can’t get great vocals, is because they don’t have a step by step process to vocal production…

Without a process, there’s a thousand decisions to make with vocal production...

With so many things to think about, it's so easy to get confused when producing vocals.

You’re wondering if you need to go back and re-record a vocal part you’re not happy with.

You’re wondering if you need to use a different microphone to get your vocals to work.

You’re spinning your wheels trying to EQ and compress your vocals endlessly, but it still doesn’t sound like it should…

And that leaves you constantly looking for the next solution, the next plugin, the next piece of gear that promises to give you the vocals you’ve always wanted in your tracks. 

That isn’t just tiring… but it usually leads you to all the wrong places with your music. 

We’ve all heard vocals before that sound so bad you wonder… “How in the world did they make this?” 

That’s why having a system to vocal production is the secret:

Because you now have a blueprint to producing your vocals, that doesn’t rely on plugins or gear…

That gives you the mental freedom to focus on getting the best vocal recordings possible. 

You’re not overthinking how you should produce or mix your vocals at each step of the process…

And you’re able to nail the recordings, the arrangement, the production, and mix them to finish…

Producing vocals that blow away anyone that listens to your tracks.

And your music has the X Factor of stellar, star-quality vocals…

Without the expensive studio and broken bank account!

So at this point, you might be wondering…

“How exactly does this vocal production system work?”

When you boil down vocal production to the basics…

All you’re doing is just following 3 steps: 

And whether you’re making a killer Hip Hop track, or you’re producing an Indie Pop song, this process will work for you…

Just as it’s done for thousands of Beat Academy students in multiple genres. 

Great vocals couldn’t be simpler...

Because you’re following a tested and proven blueprint…

Specifically designed to give you emotional, believable vocal performances…

Attention-grabbing vocal productions…

And professionally polished vocal mixes.

And right now, you’ve got the chance to experience this vocal blueprint for yourself…

Because I’ve put everything into a time-tested, repeatable framework that removes any fuss or frustration for you…


Breakthrough Vocals is my all-comprehensive vocal production course that shows you how to produce professional vocals just like a real-world music producer…

Without any of the expensive gear needed to do so.

It gives you a proven and trusted roadmap for producing studio-quality vocals that stand out from the crowd…

Giving your music the X Factor it needs to succeed.

Consisting of 6 in-depth video modules, you’ll be given everything you need to plug this system into your music, and start getting the vocals sounds of your dreams. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside Breakthrough Vocals: 


Module 1. Recording Essentials

Breakthrough Vocals starts by giving you the fundamental knowledge you need to get great vocal recordings. 

You’ll discover how to create and craft a great vocal recording from the start, and begin getting raw vocal recordings so good, they’re almost mix-ready inside your DAW. 

  • The #1 mindset to producing great vocals that will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in the long run. Any time you’re tempted to break the bank on a new gear purchase, this mindset will save your wallet, while helping you get better vocals 
  • How to get the best microphone position for your voice (this is so easy to screw up, but it’s not hard to fix at all. Fix this, and your vocals will immediately improve. Smoother dynamics, and better tone with one move.)
  • The truth about what gear you need to record vocals. I’ve worked with A-list artists, indie artists, and seen nearly everything in the industry - so you’ll want to hear this.
  • A vocal performance blunder that snaps your listener out of your song, and why nearly everyone makes this mistake 
  • Gain Staging 101: to get a great vocal recording, there’s just one bit of audio engineering knowledge you need to know - and I’ll show you exactly how it’s done

Module 2. The Vocal Session

The easiest way to tell who’s a production pro, or an amateur who’s just downloaded their DAW, is how their sessions are set up. 

If you set your vocal session up properly, you’ll save hours of editing later, and further producing and mixing your vocals will be quick and easy. 

On top of that, the right session setup will give you a roadmap to creating the perfect vocal arrangement for your song…

Making the hard task of creating backing vocals, doubles, and harmonies simple and effortless. 

  • My personal blueprint to a tight, exciting vocal arrangement
  • How to tune your vocal so that it’s in pitch without making it sound robotic
  • How to create a pop vocal arrangement that builds up to huge choruses, with intimate verses and an interesting bridge section
  • Why stacking is the vocal trick more producers should be using today (plus, it helps any pitch/tuning mistakes in the vocal performance without autotune!)
  • How to route your vocal tracks in your DAW session for quick & effective producing and mixing (once you plug this into your sessions, you’ll be surprised at how much easier vocal production becomes)
  • Tricks to adding harmony to your vocal tracks, even if you don’t know music theory or you’re new to music production (I’ll even breakdown and show you just how I do it when I produce an artist’s vocals in Ableton) 

Module 3. Vocal Mixing

Once you’ve got your vocal parts recorded, it’s time to start mixing them into your track!

But this is where so many things can go wrong. If you’re not mixing your vocal right, it doesn’t matter what plugins you’re using or how hard you worked on your vocals - it just won’t sound good.

You’ll be taught a vocal mixing system that works for vocals in all genres, and that you can swipe immediately into your DAW today.

  • What mixing engineers really listen to when they’re mixing vocals (and one plugin that fixes the biggest mistake they always hear!)
  • The “Ceiling Room” concept that makes compression plugins easy and effortless to use 
  • Why vocal EQ is usually done wrong (and how to do it right!) 
  • Tricks to using a de-esser for bright but clear vocals in your mix
  • Why vocal tone is key when mixing multiple vocal tracks at the same time

Module 4. Vocal Effects

Once you’ve mixed your vocals to sit right in your mix, that’s when you start adding effects to really sweeten them up. 

By now, your vocals are recorded, produced, and mixed to sit perfectly in your track…

But something’s missing - effects.

Without the right effects on your vocals, they simply won’t sound pro.

Let’s fix that with this module. 

  • What so many people get wrong about vocal reverb (once you’ve seen this tutorial, you’ll know how to get that shimmery reverb tail in your tracks)
  • How to unlock space and dimension with your vocals like never before with delay 
  • How you can craft unique vocal effects that become a signature of your sound
  • The specific effects to use when mixing genres such as EDM and Hip Hop

Module 5. Real-World Examples

By this point of the course, you’re more than ready to start producing killer vocals…

But I’m going all out to make this an amazing resource for your music production skills. 

In this module, you’ll see me break down vocal productions I’ve made in Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, and more. 

On top of that, I also show you how to produce vocal sounds of top artists today such as Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Post Malone, even in genres such as country and rock.

  • 2 unlikely plugins to combine for attitude and punch in rock vocals
  • How to inject emotion and life into a vocal recording that wasn’t up to scratch originally (use this when you’re short on time to redo a demo vocal)
  • What kind of reverb rap vocals need for dimension and space
  • How you can create the chorus/choir effect in Billie Eilish’s “when the party’s over” with the stock plugins in your DAW
  • How to create Post Malone’s lush, autotuned, yet clean vocal sound 
  • How to recreate the intimate, emotional vocal feel of singer-songwriters such as Adele and Ed Sheeran
  • Tricks to getting that dry, upfront rap sound of artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Eminem

Module 6. Extra Tips & Tricks

Finally, Breakthrough Vocals wraps up with a module on my extra tips and tricks on vocal production. 

From solving your microphone issues to interesting vocal effects you can use, this module wraps up your vocal production education, quick and easy.

  • How I get professional vocals with a $2 microphone and a few stock plugins
  • How to mix vocals with an instrumental track (super useful if you’re recording your tracks over pre-made beats)
  • How to use a vocoder on your lead vocals like Taylor Swift and Zedd (and also get to hear a demo I did with Sia)
  • Secrets to mixing vocals with a 2-track instrumental to sound like a pro mix
  • What a Kanye West quote reveals about great vocal melody writing

The best part of Breakthrough Vocals is…
It won’t take long for you to hear the results!

It can take a few days to go through the course, but the moment you begin applying the system taught inside the course, you’ll start to notice some changes…

For starters, your raw vocal recordings will sound far closer to a finished vocal than ever before. 

You’ll no longer worry about how to create a new vocal harmony, or what vocal parts you need to add to a chorus to make it pop. 

When you start mixing your vocals, chances are…

You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to get your vocals to sit right at the front of your mix...

With that silky smooth tone of today’s top vocalists coming out of your speakers. 

Here's what artists, producers, and musicians say about Breakthrough Vocals:

And while these students had to pay top dollar to access this system, you don’t have to…

Here’s how you can get Breakthrough Vocals at an Absolute Steal…

In the past, you could only learn a system like this by actually being in the room and studio with top producers… but the fact is - most artists and producers don’t ever get the lucky break of being in the room with Grammy-winning producers, and seeing them at work. 

When I first sold Breakthrough Vocals, it cost private students of mine hundreds of dollars to learn it in person with me…

And access to the course cost $180 for the initial students of Beat Academy.

Which is more than a reasonable price. 

After all, if Breakthrough Vocals gives you the vocal production skills you’ve always wanted…

How much is that worth to you? 

$500? $1000? $2000?

But today, I’m doing something special.

For a limited time, I’m going to give Breakthrough Vocals away for a fraction of that…

Instead of investing $180 today into your music…

 To get Breakthrough Vocals today, it’s just a single payment of $97

This isn’t about money…

With what’s inside Breakthrough Vocals, my team thinks I could be giving away too much for too little. They’re probably right.

But I want this to be the easiest decision you make for your music this year. 

This isn’t about money for me - I remember what it was like trying to produce music with no mentors, no guidance, no help at all…

And I don’t want that to happen to you. 

Right here, right now, I want to give you the vocal production skills your music needs…

So producing vocals is never an issue for you again. 

And here’s my “sneaky” reason why Breakthrough Vocals is so cheap…

If you apply what’s inside the course and see and hear how well it works…

I know it’ll become an easy decision for you to try out the other offers we’ve got here at Beat Academy…

Or even join us as a regular member in our community where I can help you with your music on a personal level as well. 

If this offer wasn’t already good enough…

I’m going to give you a sweet bonus course that'll accelerate the results you get from Breakthrough Vocals…

Free Gift: A Multi-Platinum Songwriting Workshop ($97 Value)

While a well-produced vocal can get someone to listen to your track from start to finish, what has them returning…

Is a song with a killer melody and lyric to match. 

This sweet free mini-course is taught by multi-platinum songwriters who’ve worked with Sam Smith, Amy Winehouse, Backstreet Boys, and many others. They’ve collectively sold over 500 million records, and reveal to you:

  • How to generate lyrical ideas for songs, even if you’ve never written one before 
  • 4 timeless emotions you can swipe and use for songs that immediately grab a listener’s attention (nearly every single great song you know has used this!)
  • After analyzing (and writing) countless hit songs, these songwriters discovered the 4 most common chord progressions you can use for catchy, memorable tracks today
  • 3 ways to approach melody writing, so your songs have hooks in verses, choruses and bridges

It’s your chance to peek behind the curtain and see how great songs are written - and you get this for free with Breakthrough Vocals today.

So Here’s Everything You Get For The Insanely Low Price of $97 Today:

Module 1: Vocal Recording Essentials
Module 2: The Vocal Session
Module 3: Vocal Mixing
Module 4: Vocal Effects
Module 5: Real-World Examples
Module 6: Extra Tips & Tricks 
Free Gift: Write Songs Like A Multi-Platinum Songwriter

So if you’d like to get started with Breakthrough Vocals today…

Click the button below, and you’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can claim this exclusive offer. It takes a minute to signup, and your information is 100% secure. 

Right after you finish… you’ll receive an email giving you instant access to the member’s area.

The video course and free gifts are waiting for you inside - it couldn’t be any simpler. 

Claim Breakthrough Vocals for only $97

And to make this a no-brainer decision for you...

Your investment in Breakthrough Vocals is backed by a 60-day 100% full money-back guarantee

If you’re like the thousands of artists, producers and musicians who’ve used this system to start producing pro vocals…

I’m positive you’re going to be blown away by how much easier vocal production becomes once you start using the lessons taught inside Breakthrough Vocals.

And as you start producing tracks with vocals that blow away your listeners… it’s going to level up your entire production skillset as a whole. 

But if for any reason within the first 60 days of your purchase you decide this isn’t for you…

Simply email [email protected], and we’ll make sure to refund your full purchase, quick and easy. 

There won’t be any questions, any hassles.

So you can join Breakthrough Vocals today without any risks on your shoulders

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This offer won’t last long

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So go ahead and click the button below and secure your copy of the course while you can…

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Get Breakthrough Vocals for just $97

You see, you’ve got a choice to make…

And there’s really only two options…

Choice #1: You close this page, and carry on with things the way they are.

You ignore how your vocals sound when you’re producing music, and keep thinking that all’s fine and you can keep on producing them the way you’ve always done…

And you try to forget about this opportunity to take my entire vocal production system that I put together after working with Grammy-winning producers and artists… while the vocals you produce still don’t sound right when you compare them to your favorite artists and bands. 

But before you do that, consider this…

Every day, week, month, even year you carry on not being able to produce great vocals…

You reduce the chances for your music to succeed and reach the people you want it to reach.

I created Beat Academy so that I could help you solve this problem.

The vocal is the most important part of any song, and if it’s not produced right, people simply won’t give your music a real shot. 

Your music deserves to have that shot.

It would be terrible if your music didn’t reach the people it should’ve reached, and been listened to by the audience it deserved. 

Which brings us to…

Choice #2: You make a small commitment to your music production skills today… and choose to give Breakthrough Vocals a shot. 

You take the same techniques, system and approach that a smart group of artists, producers and songwriters are currently using to have their vocals stand out from the crowd, and sound just as pro as today’s top artists…

And plug it straight into your own music. 

Just Imagine….

  • Knowing how to take any song or demo idea you’ve got, and creating an amazing vocal arrangement from it 
  • Never struggling again with recording your own vocals, or producing vocals with an artist, and comfortably walking into a vocal session knowing you’ve got it made already
  • Instead of endless vocal takes that go nowhere, and endless hours spent producing and mixing… you’re able to recreate the sounds in your head with ease
  • Freeing up even more hours for you to produce music because vocal recording, producing and mixing takes far less time than it used to…

Now that doesn’t sound too bad, right? 

And remember, you’ve got a 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee… So there are NO risks here today. 

All you need to do now, is say “yes” to better vocals today by clicking the button below, and claiming your copy of Breakthrough Vocals today.

I cannot wait to hear the amazing vocals you’ll make with what you’ll discover inside the course. 

ill Factor

Beat Academy

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Discover a Grammy-Nominated Producer's secrets to producing professional vocals with Breakthrough Vocals

Now In Case You’re Skipping Ahead…

Today, you’ve got the opportunity to get your hands on the vocal production system I decoded from Grammy-winning artists and producers that over a thousand producers over the world rely on for stellar, polished vocals in their tracks. 

Breakthrough Vocals gives you a step by step, tested and proven roadmap for recording, producing and mixing vocals that pop out of your speakers and headphones, while making vocal production easy and effortless. 

You’ll be able to produce great vocals…

  • WITHOUT spending thousands on expensive outboard gear, new microphones, or huge 3rd-party plugin suites
  • WITHOUT spending endless hours staring at a computer screen trying to mix your vocals, but only going in sonic circles
  • And WITHOUT having to practice vocal exercises for weeks, months, even years

And it’s available to you right now for a single payment of $97. 

Yes, you read that right…

But this offer won’t be around for long. 

People have paid hundreds of dollars to access this system in the past, and there’s a good chance we’ll soon increase the price of the course.

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When you join Breakthrough Vocals today, you’ll also receive a free course worth $97…

Free Gift: A Multi-Platinum Songwriting Workshop

This is an in-depth songwriting workshop taught by multi-platinum songwriters who’ve worked with Sam Smith, Amy Winehouse, Backstreet Boys, and many others. They’ve collectively sold over 500 million records, and reveal to you their entire songwriting process in this exclusive Breakthrough Vocals bonus. From melody, to lyrics and chord progression, this is a deep dive into writing catchy, memorable songs you’ll get with Breakthrough Vocals today.

And to make this the easiest decision you’ve made all week…

Your purchase is backed by a 60-day full money-back guarantee. So you can get the course and bonuses today, and if you’re not happy with your results - you don’t pay a single cent. 

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Discover a Grammy-Nominated Producer's secrets to producing professional vocals with Breakthrough Vocals

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