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The #1 Problem Artists and Producers Face Today is...

In today’s music world… it’s never been easier to produce great music.

But there’s still an issue that every musician faces… being isolated alone in their studios working on their music!

What’s more: with all sorts of tutorials and articles online on music production, songwriting, it’s often hard to know if you’re learning the right thing.

Should you invest your money into new synths and plugins to produce better music?

Or should you buy the newest microphone on offer or the newest audio interface for a better vocal sound?

As a Grammy-nominated producer who’s been lucky to work with producers and artists such as Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Danjahandz, Sia, Jason Derulo, and many others… let me tell you the truth:

Without a community, mentorship, and guidance around your music… it just won’t reach its fullest potential.

And today, I’d like to give all of that to you...

Meet Your Music Mentor

My name is Ivan Corraliza, but in the music world I'm known as ill Factor.

After spending almost 2 decades producing music for some of the world’s best-known artists, I founded Beat Academy to create a resource and community for musicians all over the world to make Grammy-worthy songs and achieve their music goals.

What The Pros are Saying

"While working with ill Factor, I've been able to learn key essentials when it comes to the music creation process, and even the business. His tips have helped me go from our studio "runner", to now engineering for A-List artists such as Kelly Rowland, Sean Paul to name a few..."

Beau Vallis
Artist & Engineer (Future, Pharrell, Kelly Rowland)

"ill Factor has been a huge help with my new workflow. He has taught me the ins and outs of working with Ableton live and maximizing my creativity."

Nate Hills (Danja Handz)
Grammy Winning Producer (Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Britney Spears)

"ill Factor and I have worked closely together on many different projects and for many years. It has been amazing watching him grow into the artist he is today."

Jimmy Douglass
Grammy Winning Engineer (Aretha Franklin, Kanye West, Jay Z)

What Beat Academy Students are Saying:

As you’ve seen from my students and friends inside the music industry…

I created Beat Academy to help musicians all over the world have a one-stop platform where they could develop their music to the fullest potential.

Would you like to join us?


Here’s what you get inside Beat Academy:

1. The Active, Vibrant, Beat Academy Community Forum

This is where you’ll be able to network, connect and collaborate with the other members.

Need someone to give you feedback on your music? Or looking for a producer to help you finish a track?

You’ll be held accountable here to your music, and be given the crucial feedback you need to improve your music.

Here’s how the Community Forum will help your music:
  • Get the accountability you need to keep making music by sharing your songs inside the “Post Your Work” section
  • Find instrumentalists, producers and other artists to work with inside the “Collaborate” section
  • Submit your music for possible synchronization and placements inside the “Incoming Projects” section, where I personally share opportunities from my network!
  • Get tailored advice on how to recreate the sound in your favorite songs in the “How To Make This Sound” section
  • And much, much more

2. Exclusive Member’s Only Content 

As part of your membership, you’ll be able to access all sorts of exclusive content, such as:

  • In-depth music production breakdowns where I break down tracks I’ve produced, and explain each step of the production process. From main instruments, vocal treatments, to how I put the track together, it’s all there.
  • Beat Critiques where I break down the tracks of Beat Academy members and give my best advice on how to improve them
  • Song makeovers where I take a member’s track and re-produce and remix it from my perspective.
  • And new exclusive content is added to the member’s area every month!


3. The Beat Academy Vault

Inside the Beat Academy Vault, you’ll be able to access: 

  • Sample packs of various genres to help you kickstart your beats
  • Exclusive member’s only discounts on offers for music production software, plugins and more
  • In-depth interviews on various aspects of the music industry, such as how to get your music into video games and synch placements
  • And more and more content will be added as time passes.

The vault will help you kickstart your music ideas, offer you insights on music and the music industry, all while giving you the tools to help you produce music better.

4. Monthly Live Calls

As a Beat Academy member, you’ll be able to attend twice a month Live Calls with me and other guests.

Every month, I hold a live Q&A call where I answer any questions you have on music or the music industry.

On top of that, I also hold a Live Listening Session where I listen to tracks that members have submitted and give my feedback on the spot.

We’ve had guests such as Grammy-winning producer Nate “Danja” Hills who’s produced music for artists such as Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, and Beyonce, come on to answer questions on music production, and how producers can get started in the music industry.

Or Taylor Swift’s former manager Rick Barker, who came on to answer questions on how to launch a career as an independent artist.

From Grammy-nominated producers to the mixers of today’s top artists, the guests on these calls will offer you valuable, time-tested and proven advice for you and your music.

Plus, every single live call is recorded and uploaded to the member’s area, so even if you can’t make the call timing due to your timezone or schedule, you won’t miss out on anything.

And you can always submit your questions beforehand if you can’t attend the call live. 

5. Monthly Beat Academy Challenges

Every month, we hold a challenge for all Beat Academy members to write, record and produce a song. 

The winner is always randomly picked - that’s because the purpose of the challenge is to get you writing, starting and finishing tracks. 

Most musicians struggle with finishing even just a couple of songs over a few months - but with this challenge, you’ll develop the habit of regularly making music.

Plus, there are some sweet prizes if you win!

And if you stick with these challenges for a year, you’ve got an entire album’s worth of songs.

So How Much Does Beat Academy Cost?

Let’s face it: while so much information on music is free today, to learn from someone who’s got experience and who’s inside music industry is usually expensive.

It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to go to music college or audio school, and you’d have to take time off work or college to do so.

And if you wanted to get mentored by a Grammy-nominated producer…

Usually, you’d have to be in a studio winding up cables and going on coffee runs several times a day.

But, music is often a side gig for most aspiring artists and producers out there - they’re usually juggling work or university while making music in their free time.

And that’s why I created Beat Academy: it’s an online community that can be accessed from all over the world, and you don’t even need to leave your bedroom to join it!

To join Beat Academy, it’s just $60/year for an Annual Membership, which works out to literally $5 a month.

If you want to give your music the mentorship, community and guidance it needs to succeed - that’s well within anyone’s budget.

And you can try out Beat Academy completely free today

I’d like to put my best foot forward, and let you try out Beat Academy with your first month completely FREE.


Honestly - I’d like you to try out Beat Academy to experience the community and mentorship that members get and if you like it… to stay on as a paying member.

But at $60/year, it’s honestly within the budget of any aspiring musician out there.

And even if you try it out, and don’t want to stay as a member after your free trial? 

No hard feelings.

Just send an email to my team at [email protected], and we’ll make sure you won’t get billed as a paying member.

This really is a no-strings-attached offer.


So here’s what you’re getting inside Beat Academy today:

  • Exclusive access to the vibrant, active Beat Academy Community Forum where you can connect and collaborate with hundreds of artists, producers, instrumentalists, and musicians just like you
  • Beat Academy Member Content consisting of production breakdowns, beat critiques and song makeovers that reveal how a Grammy-nominated producer makes music
  • The Beat Academy Vault filled with member’s only sample packs, discounts and more 
  • Monthly Live Calls with me and other Beat Academy guest speakers where you can get feedback and answers on the issues you’re currently facing in music
  • Monthly Beat Academy Challenges to keep you consistently making music 
Right now, you can try out Beat Academy with your first month free.

To claim your free month and start taking your music to the next level, click the button below:

Click here to claim your FREE month of Beat Academy now

Join Beat Academy with a 30-day trial, then just $60/year after. Cancel your trial easily anytime, no questions asked.

What You Risk Today

If you take up this sweet deal today and try out Beat Academy with an exclusive free trial, you’re risking nothing at all.

If it’s not for you, you won’t get billed a cent.

However, by not giving Beat Academy a shot today, there’s something you’re risking…

Your music!

While you can develop your music skills by yourself, figuring out things by trial and error will take months, even years, to do so.

With Beat Academy, you won’t have to do that at all.

So click the button below to claim your free month, and let’s take your music to the next level together.


Click here to claim your FREE month of Beat Academy now

Join Beat Academy with a 30-day trial, then just $60/year after. Cancel your trial easily anytime, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Right now, on this page only, you can join my exclusive online music mentorship community, Beat Academy, with your first month free.

Beat Academy contains the resources, guidance, and mentorship any artist or producer needs to achieve their music goals.

What’s more, Beat Academy is the only community online that allows members to regularly interact and learn live from a Grammy-nominated producer.

And if you’d like to stay on as a paying member of Beat Academy, it’s only $60/year, which works out to just $5 a month.

If you join Beat Academy with this special offer but don’t think it’s the right fit for you, just send an email to [email protected] and my team will make sure you don’t get billed. There’s also clear instructions inside the member’s area on how to cancel your automatic payment if you don’t wish to stay on after your free trial.

No matter what kind of music you make, Beat Academy will help you a ton.

That’s because we’ve got hundreds of members inside the community that make music in all the genres out there.

You’ll be able to connect with musicians you normally wouldn’t and get detailed feedback on what you’re currently working on - which can only benefit your music.

If you’re new to producing music, Beat Academy is the perfect place to start.

That’s because you’ll be able to learn from more experienced members, discover the mistakes to avoid, and figure out what steps you need to take to achieve your music goals.

While Beat Academy is extremely affordable at just $5/month (paid as $60/year), chances are that as the community and member’s area grow with time, the price of the membership will increase.

But if you stay on as a paying member after your two month free trial, your price of $60/year will be locked in for life.

Click here to claim your FREE month of Beat Academy now

Join Beat Academy with a 30-day trial, then just $60/year after. Cancel your trial easily anytime, no questions asked.


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