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Hip hop has gone from an underground genre of music to being one of the most influential and popular genres of music today.

But despite that, knowing how to produce hip hop beats that have a tight, punchy low end and groove with the right elements can be difficult and confusing to beginning producers.

And with the numerous styles of hip hop that are popular today - producers need to know how to produce the specific sub-genres inside hip hop in order to incorporate hip hop elements properly into their music.

As someone that started producing music in the back of a music store in the 90s, and eventually got to be in the studio with Grammy-winning hip hop producers like Timbaland and Danja…

I learned how to produce hip hop on the fly, over the shoulder of producers doing their best to get their beats placed with the A-list artists dropping in and out of the studios.

And the truth is…

Producing killer hip hop beats isn’t about sample packs, VSTs, or chord packs

To produce great hip hop beats, you need to know how to create a beat from the basic production elements. 

You’ve got to know how to shape your drum sounds to make a groove depending on the type of hip hop you’re making…

How to pick the right synth and percussion sounds to further lift your beat…

And how to produce it such that all the elements come together into a powerful, attention-grabbing beat that has people moving to the low end and drum groove you’ve made. 

Who you're learning from today...

I’m Ivan Corraliza, also known as ill Factor inside the music industry. I’m the founder of Beat Academy, an online resource where artists and producers can discover how to achieve their goals in music. 

I’ve been fortunate to work with top Grammy-winning producers like Jimmy Douglass, Timbaland, and artists like Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo, Jessie J, Sia, and many others.

And today, I’d like to teach you how to produce hip hop beats…


With Hip Hop Beatmaking, you’ll be shown how to produce hip hop beats in a variety of styles, and how to put it all together to level up your production skills as a whole. 

The best way to learn production is to look over a producer’s shoulder as they’re producing music - and that’s what you’ll get inside this course.

After I first introduce you to the concept of Artist DNA for you to help figure out your sound, it’s time to get started.

We’ll dive deep into 3 sub-genres of hip hop today, and produce a beat in each sub-genre. 

Here’s what’s inside the course…

Module 1: Trap Beats

Trap is having its moment in the spotlight right now, with its sounds heard in pop and hip hop charts all over the world.

But a great trap beat isn’t just about a heavy 808 and hi-hat rolls.

This module will show you:

  • How to properly use samples in your drum kit setup to create unique, interesting drum textures
  • An underrated way to get a killer drum groove in your beats with little to no effort
  • Why most 808s fail to deliver a punchy low end, and how to fix it
  • My personal method to bringing a melody into a beat when you’ve started it with a drum groove
  • How to take a finished beat, and turn it into a completed track (so crucial for producers who get stuck only producing an 8-bar loop)

Module 2: Boom Bap & Lo-Fi Beats

With this sub-genre of hip hop, it’s all about getting the right vibe and energy in the beat, long before you start adding production elements.

You’ll be taught:

  • Where you can find inspiration for melodies and harmonies that fit with Boom Bap & Lo-Fi beats
  • Tricks to adding subtle warm, vintage textures to your production elements, and get that “old-school” feel to your beats
  • How to get a tight, gluey bass sound without a bass guitar
  • A simple way to make sure your beats sound complete, even if you’ve only got a few instruments in them (this is vital for nailing this sub-genre)

Module 3: Melodic & RnB Beats

With this style of beats, you’ll discover how to produce those relaxed, jazzy, RnB influenced beats popular in music today.

You’ll be shown:

  • How to create a relaxed, yet groovy drum pattern that gets your listener’s ears perked up
  • A simple way to get jazzy, complex chords inside your beats even if you’re not good at music theory or songwriting
  • Why a fat, warm bass sound needs to be produced carefully (if not, your kick drum will suffer)
  • My personal producing/mixing tricks that create that lo-fi vibe and warmth in your beats
  • How I personally arrange and produce a lo-fi beat in entirety, from start to finish
Finally, the course wraps up with a walkthrough of an entire completed song, so you can see all the lessons come to life in a real-world track. 

Once you’re done with this course, you’ll know how to start crafting killer hip hop beats in a variety of styles

You can go through the course in just an afternoon, and you’ll immediately be able to start applying the lessons learned inside your DAW, and start making killer beats, or even revisiting past beats you’ve made, improving them and turning them into fully arranged tracks. 

You’ll shortcut months, even years of trying to learn production on your own, and have a step by step approach to making the beat ideas in your head reality. 

So how much does Hip Hop Beatmaking cost?

Frankly - a course like this easily goes for a couple of hundred dollars in a music college, if not more. 

With Hip Hop Beatmaking, you’re learning production secrets from someone who’s been in the room with top artists and producers, and who’s seen under the hood of how hit albums and tracks have been made…

But this course won’t cost a bomb.

Fact is, I created Beat Academy for producers and artists to improve their skills, and achieve their music goals.

That’s why Hip Hop Beatmaking will only cost a single payment of $67 today.

And you can join Hip Hop Beatmaking completely risk free

Your purchase today comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee, so you can join the course with no risks on your shoulders.

You can go through the course in an afternoon, start applying what you learn… and if your production skills don’t improve one bit, just send an email to [email protected] and my team will give you a refund, quick and easy.

Let’s level up your hip hop production skills together

Now’s the time to take your production skills to the next level, and discover how to produce hip hop in a variety of styles, and start incorporating elements and techniques of the genre into your own music. 

With what’s inside this course, you’ll shortcut countless weeks and months trying to learn it by yourself, and instead start turning the sounds in your head into reality with little to no struggle at all. 

But that only starts if you join Hip Hop Beatmaking today…

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Discover how to produce hip hop in multiple styles with Hip Hop Beatmaking for one payment of $67

P.S. How much longer do you want to struggle with producing beats? Producing Hip Hop doesn’t have to be hard at all - while you do have to put in the effort to create great music, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. 

You can go through the course in the weekend, and supercharge your production toolkit with the secrets of a producer who’s worked with today’s top artists and producers.

So click the button below, and I look forward to teaching you Hip Hop production!

Click here to join Hip Hop Beatmaking for only $67
Discover how to produce hip hop in multiple styles with Hip Hop Beatmaking for one payment of $67

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