How To Get Punchy, Powerful Mixes That Keep Listeners Hooked In From Start To Finish

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The moment someone presses “play” on your music, your mixing skills determine what happens next…

Does Your Music Live Or Die By Your Mix? 

If your mix sounds clean, modern, and pro…

They’re going to keep listening.

If it sounds amateur, out of place, unnatural…

They may not consciously notice it, but they’re already giving your music less of a chance.

The quality of your mix is the first impression someone gets of your music.

If it’s done right, they’re going to give your music more attention, and listen carefully to it.

But if it’s not mixed properly…

Even a great production or vocal performance can't save it.

If your mixes don’t sound right, you’re shooting your music in the foot.

But getting great mixes takes years of practice, right?

As a Grammy-nominated producer who’s taught thousands of students online…

One of the biggest myths about mixing is that it takes endless hours to master…

Or thousands of dollars spent on plugins and gear…

Just to start getting decent mixes.

That couldn't be further from the truth. 

Here’s the truth about mixing...

If your ears are trained to mix well, it doesn’t matter what you’re mixing on

You could be mixing on Garageband, on an SSL Desk, on Ableton…

But can you use your ears to craft a great mix?

If you can - it doesn’t matter what gear you’ve got, or what DAW you’re using.

If your ears aren’t clued into mixing - there is no magic plugin or piece of gear that can save your mixes.

I discovered this by being in the studio with Grammy-winning producers, artists and audio engineers - let me explain

Before I became a Grammy-nominated producer, I was mentored by Grammy-winning producers Timbaland and Jimmy Douglass.

As a producer under their roster, I’d be going into countless studios with different setups every single time…

And I’d see Timbaland or Jimmy Douglass still craft a killer rough mix, no matter what they were working on!

In the beginning, I couldn’t understand how they did it.

But when I started to pay close attention… the secret revealed itself to me.

They were able to get great mixes because they used a process when mixing.

It wasn’t about gear, or plugins, or DAW…

Instead, they approached mixing step by step and used the same method no matter what setup they were working on.

And even when I started teaching Grammy-winning producer Nate “Danja” Hills how to use Ableton a few years ago…

Once he figured out the DAW, he was producing tracks with tight, punchy mixes on them like he’d been doing it for years.

Confession time: I used to be a bad mixer

In case you don’t know who I am, I’m Ivan Corraliza, better known as Grammy-nominated producer ill Factor and founder of Beat Academy.

I’ve been privileged to work with artists like Sia, Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo, Kygo and many others…

And now teach thousands of artists and producers all over the world how to achieve their music goals with my music coaching platform, Beat Academy.

But here’s a dirty little secret...

When I started producing music, I couldn’t care that much about mixing.

After all, the fun’s in producing sounds, producing vocals and other instruments!

So when it came time to craft a demo mix for artists I was working with, or if I was asked to mix a track…

I never looked forward to finishing that mix.

But being mentored by producers like Jimmy Douglass and Timbaland, and seeing how they’d approach producing and mixing in the studio…

Mixing became as easy and intuitive as producing music was for me after a few months of watching and learning from them.

The truth is, becoming a great mixer is far easier than you’d think

If you can enjoy music, you can become a great mixer.

The only thing that stops most artists and producers from getting the mixes they want…

Is experience, and seeing how a pro approaches mixing.

If you can produce music, you can mix.

After all, if you can put musical elements together, you’ve already got an instinct for how music should be mixed.

You see…

Getting a great mix is getting your musical vision to come out of the speakers…

With your music having the same amount of clarity, punch and presence of your favorite artists and bands.

And that’s all it is.

And if you’re reading this, chances are, you’re the type of person who has the potential to become a great mixer…

So let’s unlock the pro mixer in you today, shall we?

(These are just some of the projects I've worked on over the years, some of which I've had to mix before releasing...)

But if you hate mixing music, I don’t blame you...

Mixing is a struggle for most artists and producers for a simple reason.

There are too many decisions to make, and too many options to choose from!

Without a process, there’s a thousand decisions to make when mixing...

By the time you’ve gotten to your first rough mix… you’re probably a little tired from writing, recording, and producing the song already.

But you’ve got to start mixing, so you begin throwing EQ plugins on everything, adding compression, maybe some effects like reverb and delay.

Things start sounding good, until they don’t.

Maybe it’s your drums. They’re just too loud.

You lower the volume, cut some frequencies with an EQ, but suddenly....

Now the vocals are the problem!

So you spend another 2 hours trying to fix your vocals, searching on YouTube for tutorials to help you with the problems you’re facing…

Only to end up taking off all the plugins on your vocal chain by the end of it.

And when you listen to the mix you’ve poured hours into the next day…

You wonder why you even tried to mix it in the first place.

 But mixing is easy for the pros…
Because the pros don’t mix like you!

Today, I’d like to reveal to you how professional producers and audio engineers mix music…

And clue you into how you can start getting pro-level, release-ready mixes from your own studio setup.

Once you begin to plug and play this system of mixing into your productions…

Don’t be surprised if your mixes suddenly go from sounding amateur and unpolished…

To blowing away your listeners, and having them hooked on your songs from start to finish.

Would you like that?

If so, I’d like to introduce to you…

Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering is my flagship course that shows you how to mix and master your tracks to a professional standard like a pro audio engineer…

Without breaking your bank account with plugins or outboard gear.

It gives you the roadmap to go from rough, raw mix to a commercial mix that’s ready for mastering and release…

Making sure your music stands out from the crowd from the first second to the last. 

Here’s what you’ll discover inside Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering:

Section 1: Mixing Fundamentals

In the first module of the course, I’ll break down everything you need to know to understand your DAW, and to begin mixing. 

If you've ever been confused by the countless knobs and buttons inside your DAW - this will remove that frustration, once and for all. 

  • The crucial mixing terminology you need to know so mixing goes from complex to simple in no time
  • Why EQ and compression is all you really need to get great mixes
  • What makes reverb different from delay, and the various situations to use each one
  • Why you CAN mix in headphones, and how to actually do that

Section 2: Mixing Basics & Approach

After you’re clued into the basics of mixing… it’s time to see them at work.

In this part of the course, you’ll be shown how my approach to turning rough songs I’ve produced, into full-fledged mixes. 

On top of that, you’ll be shown how to nail the most important aspect of your mix - the lead vocal.

  • How I personally take a rough mix of mine and turn it into a mix ready for mastering and release
  • How to mix from your stereo bus, saving you precious mixing time while giving you better results faster
  • My personal drum bus plugin chain that gives me gritty, powerful drums even with samples
  • Why most mixes have muddy low end, and how to fix that
  • The no-frills but proven method to getting perfect volume balance in your mix
  • Why vocal effects need to be automated for your mix to come to life
  • How to mix background vocals to fit perfectly in your soundscape 
  • A compression trick you can rely on for smooth, crisp vocal tone that has body and depth

After you’ve gone through this part of Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering, you’ll already know far more about mixing than most aspiring artists and producers, but I didn’t want to just leave you there…

That’s why there’s a third section of the course:

Section 3: Mixing Walkthroughs

In this part of the course, you’ll be given 5 in-depth mixing walkthroughs in multiple genres that show you everything you’ve learned so far applied to mixes I've worked on.

Walkthrough #1: A Beat Academy member’s Pop track - “We Need”

This track is a song by a Beat Academy member inspired by Dua Lipa and Charlie Puth. 

What makes this walkthrough special is that it’s produced by someone who’s not working in a pro studio, and doesn’t have access to the best gear or production tools…

But you get to see me turn it into a pro mix!

  • How to set up a brand new mixing session for success, and to get the best mix in the minimum time possible
  • The 2-layer trick to getting your kick drum to have a great punch in your mix, no matter what speakers it’s played on
  • Why upfront, dry lead vocals need delay sometimes (it’s uncanny, but it works)
  • How to process a sample and synth-based mix to have warmth, tone and presence
  • Where most people screw up their mix bus compression and how to fix it

Walkthrough #2: Mixing From Producing

In this walkthrough, you’ll be introduced to a concept that isn’t taught much online…

How to build a great mix from the production stage.

You see, if you produce a track properly, you’ll make mixing for yourself far easier.

By choosing the right samples and sounds, gain staging correctly, and grouping your tracks right as you’re producing…

When it comes time to mix, it’s as simple as slotting things in. 

But if you’re just throwing random sounds and creating new tracks endlessly while producing…

When it comes time for mixdown, you’ll probably struggle. 

So in this walkthrough, you’ll be shown how to take your creativity in production, and create arrangements and sounds that set you up for a pro mix from the get go. 

Walkthrough #3: Hip Hop & 808s - “RUN IT”

In this walkthrough, you’ll see how I mixed a heavy, 808 based Hip Hop track, “RUN IT”, with vocals that were recorded remotely by the featuring artist. 

If you’re an artist that produces your vocals to 2-track instrumentals, this walkthrough will also show you how to gel your vocals in with tracks you’re working with.

  • How to get a loud, full Hip Hop mix that has energy and depth, not just volume
  • The effect all 808 tracks need to pop through on any speakers they’re played on
  • A vocal manipulation technique you can use for deep, bassy vocals 
  • Why you don’t need to be great at drum programming to create epic Hip Hop sounds in your DAW
  • A vocal processing trick I swiped from Timbaland that you can use for huge vocals in your mixes
  • How to glue together your mix specifically for Hip Hop, so the vocals are upfront and present, without sounding disconnected from your instrumental

Walkthrough #4: Aggressive Rock - “Standing My Ground” 

In this track, you’ll see me go through a heavy, synth-rock track I’ve made with huge drums and aggressive, distorted vocals. 

If you’ve ever thought you needed to get a huge recording room to get big drum sounds, or an analog synth for huge synths, this walkthrough will show you how simple it really is to create big, epic soundscapes in your mixes.

  • Why layering + tension and release is the secret for huge drums in your mixes
  • What drum element you should separate from your drum bus to make sure your compressor doesn’t overreact 
  • How to mix huge, powerful drums with space and dimension (the trick? Use reverb and delay properly)
  • A stock plugin you can use to control your 808’s transients 
  • How to create movement and warmth even if you’re using a synth guitar VST
  • The plugin chain I rely on when I’m mixing my own vocals - and the mindset to have when you’re hearing your raw vocal tracks (trust me, every artist needs to hear this) 
  • Why saturating your background vocals is the secret sauce you’re not using
  • How to mix synths, vocal chops, and ambient effects to build the texture of your mix 

Mixing Walkthrough #5: Acoustic Pop Ballad - “Surrender”

To finish the mixing walkthroughs, I mix a simple pop ballad production with an acoustic piano, cello and lead vocal.

While nailing a mix with punchy drums and bass is important, knowing how to mix simpler productions with less elements is key if you’d like to produce music in multiple genres.

  • How to mix an acoustic piano with Logic’s stock EQ for character, tone, and brightness
  • Why you should mix string instruments like synths
  • How to draw emotion and warmth out of a vocal performance, and the effects you should use when mixing ballad vocals 
  • The subtle mix bus processing that turns a rough, demo-sounding mix into a professionally mixed ballad

Finally, the course concludes with an entire module dedicated to Mastering

Mastering is the final step of the music-making process, where you bring your mix up to commercial volume, and give it the right polish and EQ curve for releasing.

However, there’s not much taught about mastering your own mixes outside of audio school or music college, and it can seem like a dark art to learn. 

This module will reveal everything you need to know about mastering, and how to master your finished mixes. 

  • Why mastering your own tracks is far easier than you’d think it would be 
  • The one plugin you need if you’re going to get your tracks mastered (this ensures you’re not getting ripped off!)
  • The easy way to use a limiter to get your mix up to commercial volume
  • How to tell what exactly an online mastering service has done to your mix (crucial if you’re going to use one) 

There’s a lot inside Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering… but it only takes a weekend or two to go through the course

And once you’ve gone through the mixing system taught inside the course, the in-depth mixing walkthroughs and mastering module…

You’ll understand how to get pro-level mixes that sound far better than most of the music aspiring artists and producers release today. 

You won’t be afraid of spending hours on any musical ideas you’ve got to turn them into full-fledged songs…

Because you know you’ve got the knowledge to go from idea, to rough mix, to finished and release-ready track. 

So how much does Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering cost? 

In the past, you could only learn how to mix by either:

  • Going to audio school or music college and paying tens of thousands of dollars in school fees
  • Knocking on endless studio doors to get an internship, and try and learn mixing from the in-house engineers while sweeping floors, winding up cables, and cleaning toilets

And while you can learn thousands of mixing techniques online from free videos and blogs today…

Without a clear, systematic approach to mixing, there’s simply no way you’ll ever be able to turn your raw productions into release-ready mixes. 

With Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering, you’re getting the knowledge of a Grammy-nominated producer who’s been in the studio with artists and producers like Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and Jason Derulo…

And shortcutting years of frustrating trial and error to learn how to mix in just a weekend or two (that’s how long it takes to go through the course). 

How much is that worth to you?

Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering could be priced at $400, and it’d still be a great deal for any artist or producer looking to take their skills to the next level, and go pro with their music.

But I didn’t want to price this course out of the reach of the artists and producers that need this the most…

So Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering will cost just $197. 

And you can join Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering today with zero risks…
Because it comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee

That’s right. Join the course today, start diving into the videos inside the member’s area, try out the mixing techniques you’re taught…

And if you’re not happy with the results you get? 

Just send my team an email at [email protected], and we’ll give you a refund, no questions asked. 

I’m doing this because I know what’s inside the course can give your music the edge it needs to succeed, and I don’t want you to have any reservations or doubts about joining the course today. 

So Here’s Everything You Get For $197 Today:

Inside Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering, you'll get:
  • An entire step by step approach to getting pro-level mixes from your current DAW/studio setup
  • 5 in-depth mixing walkthroughs of songs in multiple genres 
  • A comprehensive module on mastering your mixes for release

All for just one payment of $197 today.

Question time...
Are you ready to get pro-level mixes? 

For just one payment of $197 you’ll be given an all-comprehensive resource you can use to finally understand mixing, and start mixing your music to a professional standard. 

You’ll know how to take a raw set of multitracks, and turn them into a mix that’s got punch, clarity, width and depth…

And your music will stand out from the crowded music marketplace with the polish of a pro-level mix. 

If you’d like to discover how to mix like a Grammy-nominated producer…

Click the button below, and I’ll see you inside Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering!

ill Factor
Beat Academy 

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Don’t hold back your music any longer - get better mixes today

Without a solid mix, today’s listeners simply won’t give any new music the proper listening chance it deserves.

But with a great mix, you’ll be able to hold a listener’s attention from the first lyric, to the final chorus, with little to no trouble at all.  

Getting great mixes comes from having the right approach and understanding to take the raw mixes you’ve got and using the tools at your disposal to turn them into something that’s ready for release.

With Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering, you’ll be given the knowledge you need to do that…

And the in-depth mixing walkthroughs in the course will further clue you in on how to apply that to your own mixes. 

If you’re serious about your music, take action now, and join Breakthrough Mixing & Mastering now.

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