The Music Theory Artists & Producers Really Need To Produce Great Music… Without The Fluff or Filler

Taught by a Grammy-nominated producer 

No, you don’t need music theory to succeed as an artist or producer.

But does it help?

It helps in ways most aspiring producers and artists don’t realize.

If you know the essential music theory for songwriting, arranging, and creating chord progressions and harmony…

Beat block ceases to exist.

You won’t end up writing the same song over and over again (you know, when you always end up using the same chords?)

You won’t end up using the same melodies repeatedly…

And you’ll be able to better express your musical ideas as an artist or producer.

You’ll know just how to arrange various instruments, how to harmonize them with each other…

And no longer be reliant on MIDI chord packs or samples for musical inspiration (or even reharmonize them into catchy, interesting new progressions) 

You might think that music theory is boring, overly dry, and is just for music students in college or classical music conservatories…

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

After spending years in pro studios with Grammy-winning producers like Jimmy Douglass, Timbaland and Danja as well as artists like Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo, Sia, and many others, believe me when I say this…

If you understand music theory, and can apply it when prducing/writing music - it could be a lifesaver in the right situation.

If you’re suddenly asked by the head producer in a studio to turn that 8-bar beat you’ve got into a full fledged song and arrangement - that’s where some theory comes in.

If you’re asked by an artist or producer to help with a top-line melody and to figure out why the current one isn’t working - that’s where theory comes in.

The music theory I’m going to teach you is geared for producers and artists who want to produce music, not study it

The biggest issue with so many online tutorials on music theory today is that they often don’t show you how to apply the lessons they’re teaching.

Cool, you know what a major scale is. But do you know how you can use it to create a tension filled bridge that leads to a killer final chorus in a song?

Or maybe you know how chords and a bassline can work together. But do you know how to create a bassline that ties all the elements of your production into a tight arrangement? 

Who you're learning from today...

I’m Ivan Corraliza, also known as ill Factor inside the music industry. I’m the founder of Beat Academy, an online resource where artists and producers can discover how to achieve their goals in music. 

I’ve been fortunate to work with top Grammy-winning producers like Jimmy Douglass, Timbaland, and artists like Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo, Jessie J, Sia, and many others.

And today, I’d like to teach you music theory you'll actually use when producing music...


Inside Music Theory 101, I’ll give you the crucial music theory you need to know to overcome the majority of issues most aspiring artists and producers face when they’re trying to make the music in their heads come out of their speakers.

In an afternoon, you’ll be given the fundamentals of theory that you can immediately plug into the songs and tracks you’re working on, and hear the results far sooner than you’d think.

Here’s what you’ll be taught inside the course…

Module 1: Foundations of Rhythm

In this module, I go over the fundamentals of rhythm. 

You’ll be shown how bars, beats and subdivisions work, with examples inside Ableton. 

If you’ve ever been confused by drummers or producers using terms like “half-notes”, “quarter-notes”, or phrases like “off the downbeat”, you’ll be clued in after this module. 

Module 2: Scales & Chords

Before you start making great chord progressions, you need to understand key signatures and scales. 

You’ll be shown the basic major and minor scales, as well as the fundamentals of how to form chords, invert them, and start seeing why certain chord progressions sound better than others. 

Module 3: Chords in Action

Now that you know how chords work, it’s time to see how they come together to form progressions you can write and produce songs over. 

You’ll be shown major and minor chord patterns, as well as the type of chords you can use to spice up your tracks.

Modules: 4: Basslines & Key Detection

At this point, you know rhythm, chords, and keys - let’s apply that to a real-world song example, and show you how to use those skills to decode your favorite tracks. On top of that, I’ll show you the fundamentals of crafting a bassline to tie your chord progressions together. 

Module 5: Melodies

To wrap up the course, I’ll break down how to properly write a melody like a pro songwriter or producer.

The fact is - great melodies have a structure, and work with the track’s arrangement and production to lift the song to new heights.

You’ll be shown how just to do that, as well as how to figure out the key of a melody, so you can start swiping the melodic secrets of your favorite artists and bands. 

Once you’re done with Music Theory 101, you’ll be heads and shoulders ahead of most artists and producers

No, you don’t need music theory to succeed. But does it help your production, writing and arrangement skills?


But you don’t need to learn endless complex theory - you just need the key knowledge to unlock the music that’s already playing inside your head. 

That’s what Music Theory 101 will teach you…

And for an incredibly sweet price, too.

To join Music Theory 101 today, it’s just one single payment of $47.

And just like any Beat Academy course, you can try Music Theory 101 with zero risks on your shoulders

For plenty of aspiring artists and producers - spending money on their music skills is a risk. After all, it’s a lot easier to try and chase a quick fix in a plugin, VST or sample pack that you can immediately swipe and plug into your DAW.

Which is why I’m giving you a 60-day full money back guarantee to try out Music Theory 101 today.

Get clued into music theory, and your music will thank you

You don’t need to struggle with beat block, songwriter’s block any longer. With Music Theory 101, you’ll be given the nuts and bolts to understand music at its core, and how to craft great tracks.

There’s no risks on your shoulders, and everything for you to gain from trying out the course today.

Click the button below to join the course, and I’ll see you inside the member’s area!

Click here to join Music Theory 101 for just $47
Discover music theory you can use to craft better songs, arrange quicker and produce more easily with for just one payment of $47

P.S. Music Theory 101 will clue you into music like never before.  Just spend an afternoon going through the course, and you'll find that beat block, songwriter's block, and the previous problems that seemed impossible to solve when you used to produce music stop being issues to you. 

And with a 60-day full money-back guarantee, you've got zero risks on your shoulders to try out the course, and to see what it can do for your music today. 

Click here to join Music Theory 101 for just $47
Discover music theory you can use to craft better songs, arrange quicker and produce more easily with for just one payment of $47

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