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If there’s a genre that’s had more influence on pop music and today’s top artists than any other, it’s EDM.

With artists and producers like Avicii, Zedd, The Chainsmokers, and Kygo achieving mainstream success with their music - if you're a producer today, EDM is a genre you've got to know how to produce for yourself and artists you're working with. 

But learning how to produce EDM can be difficult, confusing, and if you’re not careful… incredibly expensive.

Do you need to buy analog synthesizers to get the synth sounds you want in your tracks?

Do you need to get a dozen 3rd party synth VSTs or endless sample libraries to get the right drums you want?

No, you don’t - but you do need to know how to build a drum groove, how to sound design with the synth plugins you’ve got, and how to arrange and produce an entire track from start to finish to make great EDM.

And if you understand how to produce a great EDM track, your production skills will be miles ahead of most other aspiring producers and artists. 

You’ll know how to layer synths together to get that powerful wall of sound found in EDM tracks today…

How to get the punchy, powerful drums that sound amazing no matter what speakers they’re played on…

How to create catchy vocal chops in your tracks…

And produce songs that keep your listener on the hook from start to finish. 

Now if you’d like to learn how to produce EDM, we’ve got something special for you today…

Who you're learning from today...

I'm Ivan Corraliza, but in the music world I'm known as ill Factor.

I've been lucky to work with top artists such as Sia, Kygo, Justin Timberlake, Jessie J and many others.

As a Grammy-nominated producer, I created Beat Academy to teach musicians all over the world about music production and entering the music industry.

And I’m super excited to teach you how to produce Electronic Dance Music today with my brand new course…


Producing EDM is a 7+ hour all-comprehensive course on producing Electronic Dance Music. I’ve gone all out to cover the fundamentals of producing EDM, and do a deep dive into 3 specific subgenres of EDM today - House, Future Bass, and Drum and Bass.

You’ll be shown how I create the drum grooves, how I choose and process the samples, design the synths, layer MIDI parts, come up with chords, and more.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the course:

Module 1: EDM Foundations

Module 1 is a short introduction to the foundations of EDM.

You’ll get my uncensored opinion on the best DAW for producing EDM, as well as the #1 piece of advice I give to all music producers.

If you'd like to get the mindsets of a Grammy-nominated producer - this module is for you.

This part of the course sets the stage for the next 3 modules, where things get serious...

Module 2: Producing House Music & EDM Essentials

To produce great EDM, you've got to start with the foundational style of the genre, House music. 

By learning how to produce House, you'll be plugged right into EDM, and discover the techniques and sounds that form this genre of music.

Here's what you'll discover inside this module:
  • Why you’re still facing beat block even if you’ve got a hard drive full of sample loops to work with
  • How to get live, pumping, tight and powerful drums just from samples, loops and VSTs - pro producers know this, you probably don't
  • Synth sound design, decoded: Finally, understand how to use any synth plugin, and create the sounds you’ve got in your head, whether it’s a synth pad, lead, bass, or drum sound
  • How to create a tight, groovy bass line with your bass synths
  • Why your production elements don’t glue together, and the simple trick that you can use stock plugins to fix this once and for all
  • How to hear compression in your mixes once and for all
  • Tricks to unlock the real power of Logic’s stock compressor - most beginner producers completely miss out on this, while spending hundreds on compression plugins…

Module 3: Producing Future Bass (Flume & The Chainsmokers) 

One of the most popular subgenres of EDM is Future Bass. With huge synth sounds, interesting drum textures and vocal chops - it's a genre that can be heard on pop producers/artists like Zedd, The Chainsmokers and many others.

No matter the genre of music you make, if you'd like to have synth elements and powerful drums in your mixes... this module is for you.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The trick to getting your kick drums to pop and have presence in the mix (without using a kick sample!)
  • What kind of effects to put on your snare samples to give them the pop and drive of Future Bass
  • How to get that retro-sounding distortion on your drum beats
  • The specific type of chord progressions to use when producing Future Bass + watch me add 7ths and inversions to bring in a different feel into a chord progression
  • 2 plugins you can use to kickstart your chord progressions even if you don’t know any music theory
  • Future Bass Synth Sound Design: Watch me take a basic wavetable synth and turn it into a powerful, energetic synth patch in just a few minutes
  • How to get your synths to pump and breathe in sync with your drum beats

To wrap up the module, I've done a bonus interview with Grammy-winning producer and mixer DJ Swivel. He'll walk you through an EDM mix he's working on, and show you insights straight from a music industry insider who's worked with BTS, The Chainsmokers, Jay-Z, and many other top artists.

By this part of the course, you'll be clued into how Future Bass is produced, and how to take elements of this EDM subgenre into your music. Which brings us to the next module...

Module 4: Producing Drum & Bass

You can't become a good EDM producer without knowing the basics of Drum & Bass - it's one of the key subgenres of EDM that created the EDM movement in the first place!

And if you know how to produce Drum & Bass - you'll be able to produce tight, fast drum tracks, understand how to chop and manipulate drum loops, and much more. 

Here's what you'll be taught in this module:

  • How to blend acoustic drum sounds with digital samples for the killer drum and snare sounds in this genre
  • My personal trick to taming aggressive drum sounds to fit together, and have that glued sound of a complete drum kit in your productions
  • How to incorporate drum breaks and loops into your programmed beats to make your drums sound live and human (takes 2 minutes, but makes your beats sound 10x better) 
  • How to create basslines specifically for Drum & Bass

Module 5: Production Cheat Codes

To wrap up Producing EDM, I've put together several "Production Cheat Codes" - simple production techniques that immediately level up your productions, and get them sounding pro. 

If you're looking for techniques that give you quick results, this module is for you. 

In this module, you’ll be taught:

  • How to use a vocoder for creative drum textures 
  • How to use arpeggiators to create interesting pads and musical ideas in your tracks
  • An easy trick with delay that builds and releases massive tension in your mixes 
  • Bonus Interview: Get time-tested production insights and advice from experienced EDM producer Jon Sine
And with a video that gives you my closing thoughts for the course, Producing EDM wraps up - and you're now ready to start producing EDM for yourself. 

How soon should I expect results from Producing EDM?

As you can see, there’s a ton of valuable content inside Producing EDM.

But whether you take a few weeks to go through the course, or go through it in a weekend, everything inside the course is plug and play.

Every single lesson inside the course can immediately be applied inside your DAW, and you’ll be able to see and hear the results of Producing EDM very, very quickly.

So how much does Producing EDM cost? 

While an in-depth course like this would cost hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars at an audio school or music college, I’ve created Producing EDM to help artists and producers all over the world improve their production skills - and I don’t want them emptying their bank accounts to get this course.

This is a chance to learn EDM production from a Grammy-nominated producer who’s worked with artists like Sia, Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo, and many others, and to look over the shoulder and see how subgenres of EDM like Future Bass, Drum and Bass and House are produced.

To get lifetime access to Producing EDM, it’s just one payment of $197.

For a fraction of what it'd cost to go to music college or audio school, you can join Producing EDM for just one payment of $197 today.

Click here to join Producing EDM for one payment of $197
Discover how to produce House, Future Bass, Drum & Bass and the production techniques of EDM for just one payment of $197 today
And Producing EDM comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, full-money-back guarantee.

So you can join the course now, take the next two months to go through the course, try out what you learn inside the member’s area, and if you’re not satisfied with the results you get from it?

Just email my team at [email protected] and we’ll make sure you get a refund, quick and easy. 

However - this special launch discount won’t last forever, and if you’d like to produce killer EDM in your home studio…

Now’s the time for action.

Let’s supercharge your music with killer drums, synths, and the power of EDM production... 

No matter what genre of music you make, by understanding how to produce EDM, you'll be able to steal the best of the genre, and bring it into your music for a unique sound that stands out from the rest. 

If you'd like to better understand how to craft great drum sounds, how to sound design synths that hook your listeners in, and how to build massive tension and release in your tracks...

Producing EDM is for you.

I’ve got so much to teach you inside the course - will you join me? 

ill Factor
Beat Academy

Click here to join Producing EDM for one payment of $197 today
Discover how to produce House, Future Bass, Drum & Bass and the production techniques of EDM for just one payment of $197

P.S. You could go through the course in a weekend, and immediately start using the production secrets and techniques of EDM inside your music.

You'll be able to get drums, synths and sounds in your productions most artists and producers struggle to make... 

And use the techniques of 3 EDM subgenres to take your production skills to the next level. 

So click the button below, and I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

Click here to join Producing EDM for one payment of $197
Discover how to produce House, Future Bass, Drum & Bass and the production techniques of EDM for just one payment of $197

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you can join my brand new course Producing EDM and discover how to produce House, Future Bass, and Drum & Bass from a Grammy-nominated producer.

When you join Producing EDM today, you’ll get lifetime access to the entire course and any future updates.

Producing EDM comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee.

That means you’ve got 2 full months to go through the course, try out what you learn inside the member's area…

And if you’re not happy with your results, just send in an email to [email protected] and my team will refund you your entire payment, no questions asked. 

Chances are though - if you’re an aspiring artist or producer, Producing EDM will show you how to use the techniques of House, Future Bass and Drum & Bass inside your tracks, and help you develop your overall production skills as well. 

Even if you don't make EDM right now, there are countless benefits to learning how to produce this genre of music. 

Here's just a few of them...

  • Your drum grooves will be tight, in the pocket and exciting, with a low end that translates even on tiny phone speakers 
  • You’ll know how to create interesting, attention-grabbing synth parts in your productions that hook in your listeners and help you sound unique and different from other artists in your genre
  • Coming up with beats, song ideas and musical ideas will become far easier - you’ll know the grooves to start with, the chords to kick off a song with, and much more

Inside the course, I do use some third-party plugins to produce the EDM tracks inside this course. 

But do you need those plugins to produce music like I do?

Far from it. 

You can easily produce great EDM without spending lots of money on expensive gear and software.

To get the best results from Producing EDM, you just need a microphone to record vocals with, an audio interface to record them into, a MIDI controller to program tracks, and a laptop to produce music on. 


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