Hear From Our Students

Reva - Discovering her sound


Reva’s journey begins like most artists, confused and not sure what direction to head in when it comes to producing their own music.  After becoming a member she has gained confidence in her music production and has accomplished many of her goals as an artist. She has written, self-produced, and released her first song "Color on the Walls"  which became a semi-finalist in Nashville’s Music City Songstar Competition.  Her releases have grabbed the attention of multiple high-level music industry professionals in various scenarios, all providing extremely wonderful feedback and support. She has increased confidence in her musical abilities and exponential growth in both the music and business side of things and has placed her first job doing some vocal work for a TV ad.

Blake - Finding a purpose for his music

Before joining Beat Academy Blake struggled to find the “why” behind his music production.   Once becoming a member he instantly developed relationships that allowed amazing collaborative projects which then helped him land a gig making music for the Madison square garden network to provide musical content for the New York Knicks.

Blake joined Beat Academy in 2018 and is still currently growing into the artist he inspires to become.

Gabby - Having ownership & building confidence 

As a singer-songwriter, Gaby always had a vision for how her music should sound.  Lacking the skill set to produce her own music, Gaby searched for other producers to work with to help her bring her vision to life.  Not satisfied with the results, she took it upon herself to learn how to produce her own music, which resulted in countless hours of searching youtube and other online sites to piece together the basics of music production.  She decided to become a Beat Academy member and immediately saw growth and a newfound excitement to self-produce the music she is passionate to share with the rest of the world. 


Mike - Lands first placement


Mike had a love for making music but wasn't sure what his next step would be.  After joining Beat Academy Mike began to have a clear vision for his music and while being inspired by the community Mike was able to land his first placement by producing music for a requested Brief posted in the Beat Academy forum which ended up being used for a trailer. 

Fleming - From demo to first release

For the past ten years, Flemming struggled with seeing any fruit from his labor of producing his own music.  Desperate for a change Flemming found Beat Academy and decided to join the free month trial.  After a couple of weeks of being a member, he felt encouraged to work on his music again and share his progress with the Beat Academy community.  During a live listening session, ill factor stumbled across one of his works in progress and personally reached out to have an opportunity for ill factor to finalize the production of his song and helped him release it on all streaming platforms.


 Jason - A pathway to reach his goal

As a musician Jason wanted to take his passion for music to the next level by being able to write, and produce on his own.  The problem is Jason had no clue where to begin, or the first steps to fulfilling his ambition.  Shortly after becoming a Beat Academy member Jason began to put to practice the principles and lessons learned from all of the courses, and within just a month he was on his way to recording, writing and producing his first single which blew away the whole community during a live listening session. Jason thanks Beat Academy for giving him a clear pathway to reaching his future goals with his music.

Cody - Gets his song on a popular Netflix show

Cody shares his excitement about hearing one of his songs on Netflix's popular streaming show "Cobra Kai".  He mentions how Being a Beat Academy member allowed him to get his mixes and song to sound pro and be able to compete with other professional commercialized music that the show uses.  He highlights how the Beat Academy courses have helped him overcome struggles he has had with getting his music to sound the way he wanted the world to hear it.


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